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We can decide that this phenomenon is not related to either pollutant. The students at that school wear uniforms. The boys' bicycle is in the garage. The police investigated the suspects' past. He was ashamed of not having worked hard.

I'm in the middle of a staff meeting. Hiroyuki is still your friend, isn't he? Dean hasn't always been shy. Don't worry about the result of the test. Don't you have an interesting face? Becky hasn't seen Annie for months. Look at your hands.

He is diligent in his study. What kind of meal did you eat?

I'd like to find out how this got broken. I've been playing the bongos a lot.

So, what should I tell Juan? I'm finished here. I would go to the library if I had a car to get there. My gums are bleeding. The statement was not timely. The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went. Have you met the person I hired? I will not do that for the life of me. This year New Year's Day falls on Sunday.

I think Carlos is friendly. Cary has never been to Marco's home.

He turned away from them in embarrassment. It's almost my bedtime. Can you still play tennis? The baby clamored to be fed. There is a window on your left. That's the last anybody saw of King. I wish that was true. The world shall perish not for lack of wonders but for lack of wonder. He's in the kitchen.

My daughter lied to me. It's just proper they tell me everything. I didn't even think about that. Teresa knows your secret. The handsome man is tall. Let's come up with a new plan.

Does he write letters in English? We need a large amount of money for this project.

The leech sucked his blood. The sun is just setting. Thanks for translating my sentences. I appreciate it. I think Sally is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

I'll take you there. I love watching birds. It's not bugging me. It's really very simple. He speaks Chinese fluently. In special forces, you must get used to all sorts of difficulties and dangers. Ozan is unnerved. Be careful of Hans. The smoke alarm has never been maintained.

My friends always say I'm too calm, but my family always says I'm too annoying. Frederic, my friend, I know that you loved me, but I could not be yours. I can't decide which car to buy. He was happy to have passed the examination. How were you the first one to arrive?

He declined to be interviewed. The book sells well. I walked for two hours in the afternoon heat. I thought I was a train.

When we grow old, we wake up every morning with the feeling that the heater is not turned on. It's because of you that I'm an invalid. Did you phone them? That big boy is bullying the little children. It is already a little late for that. Winter seems to be sticking around a lot longer than usual this year. Sand is hot.